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The CCM Association is a non-profit making association with its registered office in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The aim of the association CCM is:


- to bring together psychoanalysts in workshops centred around clinical presentations to be studied methodically


- to enable the participants of the workshops to compare their private clinical practice with that of others and understand better their own explicit and implicit theories.

- to publish the results of the clinical observations and the reflexions in order to make known contemporary psychoanalytical practice

The Association was formed by the following people that were first brought together in general assembly on September 15 2013 in The Hague: Dana Birksted-Breen, London; Olivier Bonard, Lausanne; Georg Bruns, Bremen; Michael Diercks, Vienna; Marc Hebbrecht, Kortenberg-Brussels; Paola Mariotti, London; David Tuckett, London.

The association has no connection with any other organization.

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