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Registration 2022

Fees and Practicalities

Registration is now open


Fee : 250 Euros for participants enrolled before August 31st 2022

350 Euros thereafter.



Please note the large discount for those registering before August 31st. It allows us to facilitate the formation of groups, organisation of presenters, etc. So please apply early. You will also get better rates for travel and accommodation by booking early



The fee covers participation in all events and coffee and snacks during the meeting. Participants make their own arrangements for meals and accommodation.



Note: Up to 10 CCM associate fellowships will be offered to participants from countries in the former Soviet Union or what were its previous satellites., who receive a 100 Euro reduction in their fee.


Registration, Administration and Payment


The CCM Association is “virtual” (and so to keep costs down administered by the moderators with no clerical support) .

To register, please (1) fill in the form below AND (2) pay online using your credit card (clicking below)

Please be sure that the name you use for your credit card refers to the name with which you register!

To be on the safe side, please also send an email to 

Tax receipts will be made available on request

More information here

To pay directly on the website with a credit card (euros), click below :

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